Pan Fried Manouri Cheese with Sherried Honey Syrup

This dish was inspired by a mdi afternoon Greek lunch with friends at Kiki's on the lower east side.    The salty, sweet, rich flavors will please every guest at the table.  

1 box premade phyllo dough.

12 ounces manouri cheese cut into 1 oz rectangles

1/4 cup bee pollen

1 cup honey

2 tablespoons sherry vinegar

2 tablespoons water

1 cup canola oil

Maldon sea salt flakes

  • In a small sauce pan on medium heat, combine honey and water.  Heat through until warm, remove from heat, and whisk in sherry vinegar.  Allow to cool to room temperature
  • Cut 4 sheets of phyllo into 4" x 5" rectangles.  Wrap cheese like a present in the phyllo and allow to rest with the seam facing down.
  • Heat a medium cast iron over medium heat.  Once warm add canola oil, it should be deep enough to go 1/3 or the way up cheese for a shallow fry.  Wait 3 minutes for the oil to heat through.
  • Using tongs, drop phyllo wrapped cheese in the cast iron seam side down to avoid unraveling.  Fry until golden brown on all sides.  Remove from heat and allow oil to drain on a paper towel.  
  • Transfer cheese to a serving plate and serve with a generous amount of honey syrup.  Season generously with Maldon sea salt flakes and bee pollen.


sarah adams